OpenShift 4 IPI on vSphere in less than 5 minutes

Grab your popcorn and watch an OpenShift 4 IPI deployment on vSphere in less than 5 minutes!

JR Morgan

1 minute read

I’ve posted about OpenShift 4 on vSphere before, but with the release of OCP 4.5.z things have gotten much, much easier. While it certainly takes more than 5 mintues to deploy all components, I’ve trimmed an asciinema capture to demonstrate just how easy installation of OpenShift 4.5 on vSphere has become.

In the top pane I kick-off openshift-install using IPI, while the lower-right pane is monitoring vCenter for new VM’s matching my cluster identifier. The lower-left pane monitors the status of operator initialization once the cluster is up/running.

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