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BG_Package (Medium)My wife is tiny… 5 ft tiny… Suffice it to say I needed a safe and easy way to load (and unload) my motorcycle without assistance. I researched the expensive solutions from LoadAll and deemed it unnecessarily complicated (with far too many moving parts) for my taste. I also didn’t want to sacrifice my truck cargo space. I decided on the 40″ wide, 8 ft. long Black Widow Ramp from combined with the Harbor Freight Motorcycle Stand/Wheel Chock (not permanently mounted — temporarily…


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I recently purchased a set of Hotbodies Slash-cut megaphone exhausts (dual) for my 2012 Suzuki Hayabusa. They sound beautiful, and other drivers are actually aware of my presence, unlike riding with the stock cans. The only issue I’ve experienced is the spacing between the kickstand [in the UP position] and the LH (Driver-side) slip-on exhaust. The kickstand essentially hits the exhaust before it’s in the full UP position. This also prevented the kickstand pressure safety switch from recognizing…


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Author Note: I wrote this article when I still owned my GSX650F. I’ve since traded-up for a 2007 GSXR600 (and I couldn’t be happier). I might have some images to post with this tutorial, but I’ll post them when/if I can find them. Hopefully the write-up is enough to help… Good luck, modders.