Infrastructure Management


2 minute read

One of our Network Engineers needed some monitoring (internal temp, external temp, and external humidity) added for an AVTech Room Alert 4E unit, preferably using a check_MK plugin. Couldn’t find one in any repos or in git, so decided to add this to a growing collection of plugins I’ve been working on. Another request from the same team: MinuteMan UPS units. I’ll be adding to my check_mk_bag git repo periodically with any new, custom check plugins. I’ll also try to get these on Check_MK’s…


4 minute read

As of Cisco CDA Patch 2, identity mappings provided via Cisco ISE are natively supported. This means you can authenticate against ISE, which may in turn authenticate against LDAP or Active Directory, and subsequently notify one or more Cisco CDA servers that a new user-to-IP mapping exists. Cisco accomplishes this exchange of authenticated identities via syslog messages. ISE is configured to forward syslog messages to the CDA server(s), and the CDA server(s) have the sending ISE server(s)…