Practical OpenShift 4 Installation Troubleshooting

Practical OpenShift 4 Installation Troubleshooting

JR Morgan

1 minute read

There’s a lot of great documentation on running, administering, consuming, and troubleshooting OpenShift 4, but the installation process is still a bit vague for some admins, and even more obscure if failures are encountered. I recently stepped through general installation troubleshooting for a failed OpenShift 4.6.8 deployment which hit this bug: - The core issue relates to low entropy on my VMs, but this bug was repeatable and offered a great exercise to share troubleshooting/diagnostic steps.

This particular deployment simulated a bare metal installation (on ESXi) using the Live ISO, but due to session time constraints I sped things up using Packer’s vsphere-iso builder. This allows emulation of human input (via HID/PutUsbScanCodes) so kernel args, such as a static IP address, reference to ignition file(s), etc. can be provided in a semi-automated manner.

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