Use Cloudflare's Universal SSL for quick & dirty API integrations

Use Cloudflare's Universal SSL for quick & dirty integrations

JR Morgan

2 minute read

If you’re leveraging a development appliance or platform (e.g. ServiceNow Developer Instances, OpenShift Online, etc.) you may not have access (or the time required) to distribute internal/self-signed CA certs and ensure outside systems trust your internet-facing services. This is especially true in lab situations. A concrete example:

Integrate ServiceNow and Ansible Tower in 10 minutes

Call an Ansible Tower Job Teamplate with custom extra vars via ServiceNow catalog item... in 10 minutes!

JR Morgan

5 minute read

A coworker asked about showcasing Ansible Tower, specifically integration between Ansible Tower and ServiceNow. With minimal exposure to ServiceNow, minus operatione as a requestor, this took a bit of time but far less than expected. Before starting make sure you have all prerequisites.

Common OpenShift Pitfalls

So many moving parts... So many opportunities for failure.

JR Morgan

4 minute read

I recently had a customer inquire about the most common issues I’ve run into with OpenShift deployments, operations, and upgrades. This was a great question and justified a writeup!