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One of our Network Engineers needed some monitoring (internal temp, external temp, and external humidity) added for an AVTech Room Alert 4E unit, preferably using a check_MK plugin. Couldn’t find one in any repos or in git, so decided to add this to a growing collection of plugins I’ve been working on. Another request from the same team: MinuteMan UPS units. I’ll be adding to my check_mk_bag git repo periodically with any new, custom check plugins. I’ll also try to get these on Check_MK’s Exchange. For now, here’s some environmental monitors, of course with perfdata output — gotta have the metrics available for trending!

As typical with check_MK checks, this supports auto-inventory (scan function configured):

ra4e_sensor_temp_defaultlevels = (28, 32)

def inventory_ra4e_sensor_temp(info): inventory = [] for tempc, tempf, desc in info: inventory.append( (desc, “ra4e_sensor_temp_defaultlevels”) ) import pprint ; pprint.pprint(info) return inventory

def check_ra4e_sensor_temp(item, params, info): for tempc, tempf, desc in info: if desc == item: warn, crit = params temp = (int(tempc)/100) tempf = (int(tempf)/100) if tempc != "" and tempf != “": infotext = “%.1f " % tempf + “F (%.1f C)” % temp + " (warn/crit at %.1f/%.1f " % (warn, crit) + “C)” perfdata = [ ( “temperature”, temp, warn, crit ) ] if temp >= crit: return (2, “Temperature is: " + infotext, perfdata) elif temp >= warn: return (1, “Temperature is: " + infotext, perfdata) else: return (0, “Temperature is: " + infotext, perfdata ) else: return (3, “Sensor is offline”) return (3, “Sensor not found”)

check_info[“ra4e_sensor_temp”] = { �check_function�: check_ra4e_sensor_temp, �inventory_function�: inventory_ra4e_sensor_temp, �service_description�: �Temperature %s�, �has_perfdata�: True, �snmp_info�: ( “.”, [ 1, #digital-sen1 - Degrees in Celsius 2, #digital-sen1 - Degrees in Fahrenheit 6, #digital-sen1 - Description ], ), �snmp_scan_function�:
lambda oid: “Room Alert” in oid(".”), �group�: �room_temperature�,

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