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I’ve stumbled on a useful plug-in from Lars Michelsen that easily monitors a single Windows Server DHCP scope for usage using SNMPv2, but found this fell short of what I needed for monitoring several scopes at once. I’ve modified Lars’ original plugin/script to accommodate all available DHCP scopes on your monitored Windows server. You no longer need to add separate service definitions to monitor all available scopes. It’s worth noting a couple of important details:


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Play.FM LogoI’ve recently stumbled across Play.FM, a flash-based music streaming service similar to Pandora but exclusively featuring Electronic and Dance Music. Friendly site with sensational tunes, but many of the songs, particularly those uploaded by independent DJs or artists, are not available for sale or download, making it difficult to listen on portable devices or offline. I tried the usual methods of download/capture for Flash-based music, but nothing was saved to my cache directory, and…