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I recently purchased a set of Hotbodies Slash-cut megaphone exhausts (dual) for my 2012 Suzuki Hayabusa. They sound beautiful, and other drivers are actually aware of my presence, unlike riding with the stock cans. The only issue I’ve experienced is the spacing between the kickstand [in the UP position] and the LH (Driver-side) slip-on exhaust. The kickstand essentially hits the exhaust before it’s in the full UP position. This also prevented the kickstand pressure safety switch from recognizing the kickstand was actually UP, resulting in stall-outs shifting into 1st gear from neutral [by design].

I contacted the manufacturer who suggested adding a spacer between the kickstand and bike, but this suggestion was useless… There isn’t any space between the kickstand and kickstand bracket [that mounts to the chassis]. I added spacers/washers between the kickstand bracket and chassis, but that accomplished nothing… It only permitted the kickstand to hit the exhaust at a HIGHER, more noticeable contact point. Spacing the bracket/kickstand also raised concerns about adequate support for the bike when leaned over; moving it further out created more of a lean. I didn’t feel comfortable pursuing this solution.

Someone on Hayabusa.org mentioned mounting/welding a nut to the kickstand nub that engages/disengages the kickstand safety switch. I ended up pursuing this, but with a bit more elegance. Parts list [obtained from Home Depot]:

  • Cap Screw (2-pack) #8-32 x 1/2″ Stainless Steel
  • Bonded Sealing Washers #8 Galvanized (4-pack)
    • Plain steel/galvanized #8 washers will do. I wanted something to seal the drilled-out hole to prevent corrosion.
  • Cap Nut (6-pack) #8-32 Zinc
    • Galvanized would have been preferred, but I couldn’t locate them. I needed something rounded (button-top) to slide/push-in on the safety switch. It’s not perfect, but it does the job.
  • Thread-lock


  1. Use chock and rear-stand to support the bike.
  2. Remove kickstand from bike. You don’t need to remove the kickstand bracket, just the kickstand (one nut, one bolt, and the spring set)
  3. Using a 5/32 drill bit, carefully drill the tab/nub on the kickstand. Use a decent bit to avoid skating/slips.
  4. You can reinstall the kickstand (recommended) or choose to install the cap screw/bolt, washers, and cap nut before you remount the kickstand.
  5. Make sure the cap nut is installed facing up [when the kickstand is down]. This should protrude enough to engage/disengage the safety switch AND keep your kickstand from touching the exhaust.
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