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BG_Package (Medium)My wife is tiny… 5 ft tiny… Suffice it to say I needed a safe and easy way to load (and unload) my motorcycle without assistance. I researched the expensive solutions from LoadAll and deemed it unnecessarily complicated (with far too many moving parts) for my taste. I also didn’t want to sacrifice my truck cargo space. I decided on the 40″ wide, 8 ft. long Black Widow Ramp from DiscountRamps.com combined with the Harbor Freight Motorcycle Stand/Wheel Chock (not permanently mounted — temporarily secured with ratchet straps). Although I’m only loading my 2007 GSXR600 (a whopping 354 lbs.) and occasionally my 2012 Hayabusa (still relatively light at 573 lbs.),  this ramp could easily handle my parents’ 2007 Harley FLHX Street Glide or 2012 Harley Sportster.

The Ramp

BG_Load (Medium)The 40″ wide, 8 ft. long Black Widow Ramp from DiscountRamps.com is plenty long so the incline isn’t too steep, even when loading or unloading on a flat surface. It’s also wide enough to accommodate load-up mishaps requiring both feet down for immediate stabilization.

The Chock

Yes, Harbor Freight’s Motorcycle Stand/Wheel Chock is cheap and generic, but it gets the job done and I’ve never had an issue with it. I can’t say how it holds up to the elements since I remove it from my truck bed when not in use, but I’ve never had a doubt about its ability to hold my bike steady while it’s getting strapped-in for a ride.

I didn’t opt for a permanent mount solution. I couldn’t bring myself to drill through the truck bed. All of the motorcycle strap support should be pulling down and forward (towards the front of the truck and chock), so once the bike is IN the chock then a permanent mount isn’t really necessary. I also run a strap through the rear passenger peg supports (also pulling **down **and only slightly back). To secure the chock for unloading, I ran ratchet straps through its frame pulling it toward the front of the truck. This will keep things held down while you rock the bike out of the chock.

The Extra Mile

BG_Ready (Medium) If you still need some cargo room and some added security, consider a truck bed extender. I picked up a nice Amp Research Truck Bed Extender from Amazon. This gives me a little extra cargo space and some added security with regard to towing (peace of mind) and theft prevention. The extender can lock into your truck gate’s hardware, which can then be locked with a key. Sure, somebody could cut the straps holding the extender in place, but it’s one more step for a would-be thief.





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